The Passion for Alternative Rock

The main driving force that manages to hold the band together and makes them perform, sing and compose in such an impressive way, with devotion and dedication is their strong passion and enthusiasm for rock and alternative rock music. All the band members have this passion in their blood and this has been the case right since they were just teenagers coming into contact with the rock music and rock scene.

Having all graduated Art School and majored in musical arts, the current five members of the band all taught themselves into playing different instruments that comprise a rock band’s ensemble. Be it the guitar, drums, bass-guitar, piano, Hammond organ or the sequencers, all the members can master their particular instrument and this has helped tremendously through the years, leading to extremely well-balanced performances from an instrumental point of view. However, none of the above could have been made possible without their inherent talents and the passion for rock music.

Being brought up into families where the rock music was also appreciated, the members of the band had the ideal environment to grow in and this not only facilitated their understanding of the different aspects characterizing rock music, but also helped them gain deeper knowledge about the diverse world of rock music and alternative rock in particular.

Although the main factors that contributed to determining the growth in passion for rock music were the influence of their families, the passion for alternative rock came later on, as each band member begun to hone his taste in rock music. With surprisingly different tones and song themes, alternative rock offered them a chance to express themselves in a different way, allowing them to put more emphasis on various aspects such as feelings or emotions in their compositions, which otherwise would have been more difficult to achieve through other rock genera.

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