The History of the Band

As stated in the previous pages, most of the influence that constituted the driving force that was later on put into the development of the alternative rock band, came from the members’ families and from the fact that all have graduated from Arts School. This page will cover the brief history of the Alternative Rock Music Band, its early beginnings, deciding factors in their evolution and the multiple milestones that constituted important points in their past.

Having the advantage of being born in families where rock music not only represented a tradition, but even a way of live, the five members of the band had the chance to take contact with this musical genre ever since they were just children. Having acquired an interest in the rock music, they later on went on pursuing their educational cycle at the Arts School, where they all majored in musical arts. Their passion for rock music grew constantly through the years and it always managed to maintain them as a group, being the constant determining factor.

Once the members graduated from Arts School, they decided it was time to try and implement an idea which they have always had, that of starting out their own rock music band and even more, try and perform in the very different and interesting, alternative rock genre. Since all five members were well versed in the different musical instruments that comprise then ensemble of a rock band, they had no issues in terms of achieving a quality and consistent musical performance. Furthermore, their passion for rock music helped them even more, in always driving them forward, to seek new vibes for their tracks, more subjects and consequently, more diversity for the ever-growing number of fans.

There was a short period in our history where we went off to do our own things, went to try to be grown-ups in this strict social world. One of us even went to work for a female aimed casino –, they quickly realised that casinos weren’t his thing and the only thing he wanted to gamble on was our chance at hitting the big time!

Ever since it was first established, the band has managed to maintain a constant level of performance, continuously improving in its performances, attending numerous festivals and creating important bonds with other artists from the alternative rock music scene.

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