Concerts and Events from the Past

This page will offer users and band fans the chance to learn more about the different concerts and events that the band attended and organized in the past, each in different locations and with various themes and participant bands. During the last years, the members of the band have managed to register an impressive number of performances, both domestic and abroad, making hundreds of thousands of fans crave for their music.

The mission to continue their initial passion for rock music and to offer their feelings and emotions through their performances has been the core concept around which the band’s evolution has been revolving so far. To this end, the members have always made sure to visit as many rock events as possible and even visit other countries and associate with other alternative rock bands in order to reach for all the fans. The main strategy involves maintaining concert tours constantly throughout the year, this way offering the chance to all fans from all around the world to have the chance to witness their performance in at least one location. This accounts for the fact that some fans might not be able to be present in a certain location at a particular time.

With increasingly numerous concerts and events each year, the band continues to attract more and more fans into the alternative rock scene. There are multiple alternative rock and classic rock bands with which the members have been associating in the past, and they maintain those connections throughout their entire career, this way being able to exchange valuable information and learn more from others like them. All the earnings from all the concerts, events and performances that the band attends are always being directed to charitable funds and organizations and very little is actually used by the band itself, mostly for organizational purposes and equipment purchases.

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