A Tough Achievement – The Studio

By far, one of the most impressive achievements that the band frequently prides itself with is the state-of-the-art studio, which took a considerable time to be finished and brought to the fabulous shape it is currently in. This page offers some information about the studio, how it managed to “tie” the band together and the efforts through which the band members had to go through in order to afford the studio.

Ever since they were thinking about establishing the band, the members were well aware of the necessity of a studio if they were to become involved into record-release and performing recordings. This was especially necessary as the quality of any studio recording far exceeds the ones made in open spaces, with non-professional gear. This is how the fundraising process begun and how the idea of a music studio began to easily take shape in the minds of the band’s members.

However, since they were still in their teens, and were enrolled in Arts School, the band members didn’t have any funds to spare for renting a space, let alone for setting up a studio and populating it with musical instruments and recording machinery. This is when they decided to turn to the local authorities, the rock community, and even the Arts School. Each of the tree has had a crucial impact on the development of the studio, as the local authorities have agreed to provide free-of rent space for the studio, the local rock community spared some second-hand recording equipment and the Arts School made the most important contribution, that of a full-range of instruments for any rock ensemble.

Presently, the studio still retains most of the initial looks and equipment that has been brought in during the last years, but the band members have managed to turn it into a great place for seeking inspiration, composing and recording alternative rock music.

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